About Us

The Store.

Mr Mullan's General Store is excited to share with you brands you wouldn't find typically on the high street. Each piece on offer has been hand picked with our Stone clientele in mind. A few examples of the brands we have in-store include: Le Labourer, Mutti, La Bruket, Jollie Socks, Ljung, Marvis, Nuwold, Schiesser, Ystudio, Hightide, Zippo, Myia Bonner, Hibi, Chenex, Aeropress, Penco, Blackwing, Midori, Guerillacast, S'well Water Bottles, Armor Lux, Fieldnotes, Puebco, Mason Pearson and of course Mr Mullan's!


The Owner.

Mr Mullan has been in the hair and grooming industry for twenty eight years. He noticed a niche in the market for high   beard grooming products and decided to create his own. Mr Mullan is the founder of Stone Hair Salon and his products can also be bought in his luxury boutique salon. For more information on Stone Hair, please visit



The Signature Brand. 

Mr Mullan's brand is all hand crafted in England. All beard oils and waxes are made from natural ingredients and Mr Mullan will continue to develop a wider range of products for all your grooming needs.

His luxury beard brushes, moustache combs and grooming tools are all made out of Ox horn with our logo engraved.  



For more information on John Mullan check out his website at: