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Lennox Custom Cycles - This is the Bike you Need!

Lennox Custom TITANIUM Bike   Here we give you the low down on Mr Mullan's Custom Bicycle made by Lennox Custom Cycles!  Read on for the specs and the all the scoop on Titanium frames!  STRENGTH AND DURABILITY Titanium bikes are build to last.  The tensile strength of titanium alloy give it better fatigue life than aluminium, carbon or even steel - this allows the tube walls to be thinner reducing overall weight. Titanium will never corrode or rust, and its rigidity and hardness mean its common to see frames last for decades with minimal signs of wear. A titanium bike is a bike for life.......   RIDE QUALITY Titanium tubing has the perfect amount of flex and elasticity giving...

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Nina Ulrich - Must have Accessories this New Year's Eve!

London designer Nina Ullrich stands for a bold aesthetic and functional minimalism. The all black leather collection is handmade in an intricate design process in her studio - the detailed edge work conveys the brands philosophy for exquisite artistry.   Behind the refined luxury surface hides a rebellious core: part studded, part perforated with silver finish hardware they channel subcultural movements. The mood of the collection features minimalist sensibilities fused together with light gothic references. The leather work is complemented by a jewellery collection of sleek long silver crosses and renaissance style pearls, which echoes the gothic references from a minimalist point of view.   Having a background in fashion and knitwear, the designer discovered leather as an equally versatile...

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